Week 47


Breaded fish fillet with jalapeno/mango sauce
Falu sausage tournedos with mashed potatoes & chili mayonnaise cucumber
Beetroot soup with garlic whipped crème fraiche & garlic bread


Isterband with stewed potatoes & beetroot & today's special, Pölsa special
Grandma's fish box with tomato & cream
Vegetarian spring rolls with rice & sweet chilli dressing


Pasta with bacon/garlic sauce
Sweet chili braised chicken thigh fillet with vegetable rice
Pasta with vegetarian minced meat sauce


Pea soup with pancake, home-cooked jam and cream
Manor cutlet with apple cider sauce & jelly and boiled vegetables
Vegetarian soup with pancake, homemade jam and cream


Jansons with egg halves
Ribs(thick) with cream sauce & applesauce
Vegetarian temptation
----- and every friday -----
Dessert to all seated guests !