Week 33


Filled baked sausage with mashed potatoes
Flying jacop with rice
Vegetarian root scissors wok with paprika Cream


Fried salted pork with stewed cabbage or onion sauce
Fish gratin with lobster sauce & asparagus
Broccoli gratin with peas stripes


Parsley jars with cream sauce & pickled cucumber
Pasta gratin with meat
Baked cauliflower with bulgur & beetroot zatziki


Kantina's summer soup with pancake, home-made jam and cream
* Pork loin with cream sauce & apple mash
Kantina's summer soup (veg) with pancake, home cooking jam and cream


Friday mys buffet with raw chops potatoes, Bearnaise, BBQ sauce
Every Friday we will serve Friday's buffet
Gratin, meat, bea, BBQ, etc. Every Friday
----- and every friday -----
Dessert to all seated guests !